Expobar Quartz

Expobar Quartz








A compact and efficient capsule machine without compromise. Quartz is designed and manufactured with the same precision, technology and craftmanship that charaterize Expobar and it is a perfect choice for offices, small restaurants and households.



Steam Wand 1pc
Hot Water Tap 1pc
Built-in Water tank 2 litres
Option to connect to mains water Yes
Automatic Water Level Control (Capacitive sensor) Yes
Capsule Waste Deposit 15-20 pcs
Electronic Temperature Control (PID) Yes
Spout Height Adjustable
Height, Width, Depth 399, 260, 410mm
Boiler (Insulated) 1.7 litres
Power Supply 230V AC 50/60Hz, 2000W
Cold Water Connection 3/8” Internal thread

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