The ODK-ORSA Drinks Company produces real fruit purees with great resistance, for cocktails and smoothies in 22 delicious flavors and original syrups for cocktails in 23 unique flavors. Flexible and ergonomic packaging; squeeze bottle. Balanced taste and high fruit content. Effective for the shaker and the blender

A fantastic product to taste but are also packaged in a format that is truly appreciated among top level bartenders & across the world.

Give ODK cocktail purée a try. All of our Purees, Syrups, Mixers, and Creams are Gluten Free.



The best drinks always need something special

  • Large range of fantastic flavours Versatile
  • OdK anticipates/adapts fast  to the market trends Fresh
  • appealing design without compromise  on usage comfort
  • Beverage providers to cafè/cocktails bars  in over 30 countries
  • Made in Italy, from the selection  of the prime material to its process
  • Sstrong partnership with international schools  and associations


Fruity Mix Line

  • 22 flavours
  • Highly profitable
  • low wastage of product
  • Versatile: use in all your drinks, slushes, frappè




Water Syrup Line

  • 24 flavours
  • Versatile: use with coffee,  spirits, liquors, chocolate,  frappè and soda wate


Creamy Line

  • Versatile: use to make hot chocolates and latte macchiato or with coffee, paint over for a spectacular finish to cappuccinos
  • 5 flavours